Hello Friends,

Welcome to my website here are a few words about myself.

Originally from Hilton KZN then Lived in England for 12 years and returned 8 years ago. I missed our wonderful South African sunshine. I now live in Howick.

I am a qualified Registered Nurse, Midwife and Psychiatric Nurse. I have many years of experience helping people.

My journey to natural healing has been a very exciting one and that started many years ago. I have done many different healing modalities so have gained a lot of experience and insight.

Reflexology was the first one I started with and found it to be very beneficial to healing the body. It is a wonderful relaxing treatment healing the areas of the body by massaging the feet.

Then I did an amazing specialized massage course called Full Movement Method. It is to bring Full Movement back into the body and return to normal functioning.

Then did Hypnosis training in Durban which is just amazing. It is a talking therapy. Talking to the subconscious mind to treat the mind to recover from whatever the person seeks to heal.

Also found that Singing bowls therapy or Tibetan singing bowls are said to reduce stress, promote relaxation and powerful healing

Indian Head massage relieves ache and pains and tension in your shoulders, neck and head , improves the texture of your hair.

Stimulates the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen and may clear your sinus. extremly relaxing and and relevies tension and anxiety.

I am also very passionate about yoga and have taught it and practice at home.

I am a vegtarian and my other passions are Animals, Wildlife and the Environment.


These amazing treatments I am offering are for Healing Mind Body and Spirit.

Welcome to my World of Healing.

Find your Light